• AIX 2.0 mappack 1 by imtheheadhunter -> 950 mb


    The 2 .zip files,, and contain the custom objects used in the maps.
    They MUST be in the levels folder. If you delete or move those 2 files to a different folder, most of the maps will no longer
    work correctly, if at all.

    THESE MAPS SHOULD ONLY BE USED IN AIX V2.0! If you have any older versions of these maps installed, you MUST delete
    them before installing these new maps!

    • bf-basis mirror online
    • megaupload mirror online

    • deposit files mirror online
    • filefront mirror online

    • gamingsa mirror online
    • fileplanet mirror online

    • exp mirror online
    • bf-games mirror online

    • battlefield x mirror online
    • total bf mirror online